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Light Up The Amazon

Phase 2 | Powering Two off-grid schools


42 off-grid schools in communities along the Rio Santiago in the Peruvian Amazon still need to access to energy. Become a sponsor and power the education of hundreds of children.

LUTW and Enactus will bring sustainable energy entrepreneurship programs to first nations communities in Canada

One Circle First Nations Reconciliation

Powering Aquaculture and Satelite Internet


LUTW partnered with Lambton College’s Enactus to bring sustainability and entrepreneurial programs to First Nations communities: Mistawasis First Nation, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, One Arrow First Nation and Muskoday First Nation 

Work from canadian charity, solar energy system for family

Rural Tech Enterprise

Ongoing | 800 homes powered


Through microfinance and a low cost supply chain. We are accelerating the adoption of renewable energies and derived life-changing technologies in remote off-grid communities across Peru.

Project History

Since 1997 Light Up the World has powered over a million projects around the world

LUTW Solar Energy projects around the world

Light Up The Amazon

Phase 1

We powered 6 schools in the remote communities in the Peruvian amazon. Over 200 children in remote communities in the amazon will now able to use tablets, computers and digital learning technologies.

LUTW powers school in the amazon with solar energy

Light Up The Andes

Peru 2010-2019

With the help of over 300 international volunteers we powered 16 schools, 4 health posts, 11 community edifications and 500 homes, while guaranteeing the sustainability of the project by training local technicians and fostering long term partnerships.

Canadian charity provides energy to off-grid communities in the Peruvian Andes

Light Up Todos Santos

Guatemala 2011-2020

Over 6 thousand people live off-grid in Todos Santos, Guatemala.
LUTW continued the work started in 2011 to bring light to the schools and community buildings left without power. Today over 400 homes and 6 schools are powered with LUTW solar systems and 26 local technicians are trained in design, maintenance and installations.

Light Up Costa Rica

2006 - 2014

We powered over 1000 homes with the First Solar Energy Enterprise in Costa Rica. With the help of our sponsors and volunteers, we established a solar component supply chain and trained local entrepreneurs to power off-grid homes at the most remote off-grid communities.

Light Up the World solar social enterprise to power communities in Costa Rica

Light Up Papua New Guinea

2006 - 2017

In 2006, over 1060 medical aid post in Papua New Guinea did not have power. LUTW allied with the University of Calgary and the Goddard Foundation to provide them with an exciting new technology… Solar Power Lightning.

Lighting Up Aid Post in Papua New Guinea

Video Archive

Social Enterprise in Peru

TransAlta Powers schools in Peru 2014

Light Up The World Powers Community in Guatemala 2012

Texas Tech Lights Up Costa Rica 2010

Light Up The World Powers Health Clinics in Papua New Guinea 2008

Light Up the World Powers an Orphanage in Tibet 2008