The quality of life in the Peruvian Amazon and how we contribute as an NGO to improve it

The Peruvian Amazon has more than 782,800 square kilometers, made up of five departments: Amazonas, Loreto, Madre de Dios, San Martín and Ucayali. In addition,Cusco and Huánuco belong to the Amazon region but the aforementioned departments have more territorial extension in the Amazon jungle. Economically, the Peruvian Amazon has various deposits, such as oil, natural gas and gold. A clear example of this is the Norperuano Pipeline, a project that is used to transport oil from the department of Loreto to Piura. In addition to this, we can find various formal mining organizations, as well as informal mining, which is harmful to the surrounding flora and fauna.

Regarding the quality of life of the inhabitants who reside in the Peruvian Amazon, various communities do not have basic services, such as water, electricity, drainage or internet, causing the way in which they live to be affected. Given the various inequality gaps that exist, Light Up the World (LUTW) and other organizations act trying to improve people’s quality of life and contributing to sustainable change.

Since 2021, one of LUTW’s centers of action has been the Peruvian Amazon, carrying out eleven electrification projects based on photovoltaic solar systems to date.These projects were carried out in the communities of “Dos de Mayo”, “Soledad”, “Villa Gonzalo”, “San Antonio”, “Democracia” and “Cucuhuasa”, all of them located in the department of Amazonas. These projects have as their main axis, guaranteeing the durability of energy, education, as well as contributing to the development of the local economy, since LUTW intervened schools, local laboratories and processing plants of local production. As a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), we carry out tasks related to the promotion of social transformation projects, as well as strategic alliances with various partners, both national and international. Actions like these must be replicated and the change will be factual in the short term.