Terra Nuova and LUTW, more than strategic partners...

Terra Nuova is an Italian non-profit organization for international cooperation founded in 1969, it was there when it began activities in Latin America and Africa focusing on the solidarity and cooperation sector. Later, in 1978, it began activities in Peru. The pillars for the functioning of Terra Nuova are interculturality, the promotion of peace, human rights, educational processes, as well as central elements of any long-term development proposal. Terra Nuova has various programs, being the following: Agroecology and food security; Social economy and local markets; Environmental governance and climate change; Human rights and indigenous peoples. By contrast, Light Up The World (LUTW) is a Canadian non-profit organization that promotes access to renewable energy in rural populations founded in 2002, managing to electrify various areas of the most needy countries, such as Nepal, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Guatemala, amounting to 54 countries. Later, in 2010, LUTW established an office in Peru, this being an incentive to carry out more projects in the country. LUTW provides the technical and logistical expertise to ensure cross-agency collaborations as well as sustainability in operations. This being an incentive to carry out more projects in the country. LUTW provides the technical and logistical expertise to ensure cross-agency collaborations as well as sustainability in operations. This being an incentive to carry out more projects in the country. LUTW provides the technical and logistical expertise to ensure cross-agency collaborations as well as sustainability in operations.

Both organizations have carried out various installations autonomously in various communities and regions of Peru, both guaranteeing the sustainability of these projects in the areas in which they operate. Given this and the reliable success of both, they decide to join forces to meet needs, since most of the projects in Newfoundland are carried out in remote areas where there is no access to energy. It is here, where the alliance becomes evident. Throughout this alliance, LUTW cooperated with an energization rising to 12,720 wp. This energization mostly occurred in agroecology and food security projects. A clear example of this are the Villa Gonzalo and San Antonio projects, where fish farms from the aforementioned communities were intervened, which generate employment for the residents and nearby communities.

Strategic alliances, such as these, are extremely important and guarantee success for organizations and communities. Likewise, generating and guaranteeing durability in the facilities, equipment and infrastructure, are one of the organizational pillars of both NGOs.

We are LUTW, we are TERRA NUOVA and we are committed to the development of the most needy communities.