Perspective of beneficiaries in Pallccapampa

During the month of May, in the community of Pallccapampa, we carried out the installation of 9 solar panels and a satellite internet system, in alliance with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). The community of Palccapampa demonstrated their gratitude towards the electrification of the school in the area. 


The consolidation process of the objectives in rural areas from Peru takes a little longer sometimes, a previous evaluation must be done prior to the installation and then later carry out  the design and implementation of the system. The process takes between one to two months to complete, depending on the project. It is important to mention that we guarantee the use and all equipment for more than 20 years. 


The population of Pallccapampa show us their gratitude with celebrations and commemorative speeches for the LUTW and NAIT team. Additionally, the president of the community, Juvencio Quispe, commented that with the solar system installation, children and teenagers can change their future and have a better education. For a lot of time technology and power were out of reach  that almost  everyone in urban areas have, they couldn’t realize the benefits of those in the education system.


The situation is changing, as parents in the community say: “Our Children can develop new skills and do different activities with electricity”. In that way, they can use the electricity in their daily and social activities, and reap the benefits of public lighting. One of the most important benefits for the community is the connection between themselves,society, family, and friends in other cities or countries due to the installation of a satellite internet system. 


The community of Palccapampa committed to taking care of the installed equipment realizing that  it is a durable and sustainable asset that will save them time, money, and benefit greatly going forward. The people in the community maintain their positive expectations of the benefits of the system and LUTW is very proud of the impact the system will have in the area. They are an example of generated for Light Up The World the compliance of objectives in rural areas of Peru.