LUTW volunteers, more than people, human beings...

It is true, there are many relevant factors to achieve the completion of LUTW projects. One of them is human capital, that is, LUTW volunteers, people who for a moment put aside their obligations and work in their countries of residence to improve the quality of life for people most in need, contributing immensely.

Next, we will hear from the volunteers that participated in this project, as well as their most outstanding experiences during the project.

Joyce Halpenny,

states that, throughout the work day, the most beautiful thing was enjoying the morning sun, as well as getting to know the team better with each passing day.

Allan Strid,

stated that he was totally impressed by the way in which the work teams synchronized so that the system did not present errors. He also indicated that the best part of the project was ensuring quality and completing the project.

Cherise Nielsen,

she loved mornings sitting in the chairs in the sun and talking with the team members. She also stated that seeing the children dance local dances and play soccer was very rewarding as a person.

Michael Mc Cahren,

assured that this trip was the perfect escape from the United States, because being immersed in the Peruvian Andes, as well as being surrounded by an efficient work group, is the best. However, he assured that in common and daily trips, he does not find the sense of purpose that he found on this trip.

Anne Michaud,

stated that she feels extremely lucky to have been part of this incredible group of people with enormous hearts. In addition to this, he considers that he will make this trip again, because it is a privilege to visit and know more about new places, help and spend time in the community.

Stuart Nadeau,

highlights that the best thing was getting to know the work team and how everything changed, focusing on a general objective. He also appreciated how the installation of solar panels can provide incredible benefits for the school and the community.​

Actions like these, contribute to having a better world, because thanks to people and motives such as those mentioned above, it is possible to have a better society and therefore, provide a better lifestyle for everyone. Let’s be empathetic, let’s be caring, always.