A little more about Soledad project...

In 2021, Light Up The World (LUTW),carried out the electrification project of the “Plátano Laminate Pilot Plant” based on a photovoltaic solar system of 8 solar panels, with a capacity of 3600 Watts-peak (wp) in the community of Villa Gonzalo, province of Condorcanqui , Department of Amazonas . This installation served initially to feed the mill and the slicer of said plant, having success in its implementation, as well as efficiency, with respect to costs and production. This project was carried out in partnership with the NGO “Terra Nuova”. In addition, they had the help of seven local technicians previously qualified by LUTW. After a year or so, our aforementioned partner contacted LUTW to show interest in expanding and implementing the previously installed solar system.

According to Aaron Cohen, Project Manager, the system installed and expanded in February 2023, is one of the best systems installed in the Condorcanqui province. The above mentioned because of the equipment used for this installation, the qualified local labor, as well as the strategic planning and structuring of the project. Likewise, William Guerrero, project engineer, states that the implementation project of the “Plátano Rolling Pilot Plant” increased 7,200 wp, reaching 10,260 wp in total. This will allow powering a dehydrator, a mixer, two industrial fans, as well as the aforementioned machinery. Regarding the equipment installed in said project, the need for an investor was taken into account.SMA – Sunny Boy 5Kw, being this component of vital importance for the plant. This inverter is connected to the grid, it is 6Kw single-phase and is a main element for a system coupled to alternating current. The choice of this inverter is due to the fact that most of the loads in the place of installationare during the day, as well as for the efficiency that it guarantees.

Projects like these guarantee the economic stability of the community, as well as the improvement in the quality of life of people, since thanks to energy, they will be able to access an improvement in lighting, work and various intrinsically and extrinsically related aspects. However, it is extremely important to highlight the challenge that this installation entailed, since the climatic and access conditions were complicated.