Social Enterprise

After 10 years’ experience training and solar technologies in Peru, We launched a social enterprise that proposes a viable model to reach those left behind without electricity.

Over 800,000 households in Peru lack electricity. These families and communities live in off-grid areas, and are limited to low-quality, expensive and damaging forms of energy such as candles, disposable batteries and harmful fuels.

Our products are distributed to our through our 4 regional offices and a growing network of local sales agents, who we train first-hand to ensure that our customers receive high-quality advice and long-lasting customer service.

We believe that our regional presence and local knowledge are vital for a sustainable impact. We’re using that experience in our social enterprise to build the supply chains and provide excellent customer service that will power opportunity with life-changing technologies. 


Last Mile Distribution


We educate our beneficiaries on the sustainable adoption of Technologies


We reduce the financial barriers that prevent them from acquiring quality systems

Customer Service

We offer technical support, installations, and warranty

Life Changing Technologies

We are official distributors of greenlight planet products, which are designed to meet the needs of those left off-grid.
They are durable, efficient, and easy to use.