An opportunity of change: Pucaccasa on the way to development


The photovoltaic system installed in the primary level educational institution of the populated center of Pucaccasa meets the needs of the population since they do not have an electrical energy system in their community. Thus, thanks to the implementation of a solar system, various benefits will be obtained for more than 120 community members in Pucaccasa, including 40 children and 2 teachers who go to school frequently.

Consequently, the quality of life of people in this community will improve, since this service will allow them to venture into new existing and future technologies that will be managed by teachers and the community itself involved. Take advantage of the service and be at the forefront of innovations that other cities in Peru have, leaving behind the shortcomings and limitations with which they lived for a long time.

As the teacher Jessica Quispe points out: “we are going to achieve progress that we have long sought and we will be able to transform the lives of many students, it will be for the good of them and the entire community” “We are very excited to be able to work in a different way, to have new tools to make an exponential leap.”

In this way, we continue working to achieve the goal of enlightening the world. Efforts to bring energy service to more people in Peru must not cease. There are still many remote and inaccessible places where we can replicate the Pucaccasa experience.

Given the lack of light in the community of Pucaccasa and all its educational centers, previous evaluation of the needs, the installation of a system was planned and executed 2.22 kWp photovoltaic at 48v lithium battery, with enough capacity for the operation of electronic and technological equipment and other tools for educational, recreational, recreational and community purposes.


In this project, our allies were volunteers from the University of Calgary (U of C) – Canada, who showed great affection and interest in the children of the community, sharing pleasant moments with them during 7 days of coexistence in the same community. Thanks to this effort, it has been possible to meet the objective of bringing electricity to the educational institution located in the Pucaccasa community.