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Phase 2: Powering education for 2 more schools this year

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Campaign Closes on October 1st 2021

Peru has been one of the hardest hit countries by the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. The high death tolls and the economical impacts is set to bring years of progress to a halt. Many development projects of the Amazonian region have been cancelled or suspended and for the people in the Peruvian amazon, who were already one of the most underserved in the country, this could mean more years before they get access to electricity.

Universal access to sustainable energy was recognized by the United Nations as one of the global priorities to ensure the sustainability of our planet and one of the key tools to fight poverty and the effects of the pandemic. For the people in the amazon, lack of energy means decreased opportunities for education, productivity, communication and economic development. For this reason Light Up the World is determined to keep working with communities in Peru to continue providing live-changing access to energy around the world.

We can make a difference

In collaboration with the local authorities, We have identified 42 Schools in high need of energy access in the Amazonas region and near the border with Ecuador. One of the most remote regions in Peru.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Peruvian government installed digital learning programs through TV, Radio and Internet  platforms and has distributed over a million tablets loaded with educational content across the country. Unfortunately, hundreds of children that live off-grid are missing out on the benefit of technologies to power their education and improve their livelihoods. With access to sustainable energy these children can mitigate some of the effects that the global pandemic is having on their lives and will provide them with the tools to power their opportunity in the coming post-pandemic world.

Through our partnership with DirecTV, we were able to secure funding for the electrification of 6 schools in the Peruvian Amazon and will be carried out July and August 2021. Through this first phase we were able to provide energy to 6 schools and over 300 children and teachers who can now use tablets, lights, computers, projectors and cooling fans to power their education.

Now we are looking to raise funds for a second phase to electrify two more schools in high need of energy access.

Light Up The Amazon Phase 2

Alianza Progreso Primary School

54 students aged 3 to 12 receive clases by the 2 local teachers from the Alianza Progreso native community.

Guayabal Secondary School

58 students aged 11 to 18 receive clases by by 5 teachers from the Guayabal native community.

Goal of 37,000 CAD

We need your help to improve these schools and the future of many children in the Peruvian Amazon. Together we can electrify all the schools left in the dark. You can make a difference with a monthly or a one time donation, and become a valuable supporter of the sustainable development of communities in the Amazon.


Directv is a project partner of Ligh Up the World in the Jungle

DirecTV provided funding to electrify the first 6 schools and will be providing antenas and televisions with access to educational content for all schools.

Empresarios Por La educación es un aliado de proyectos sociales de Light Up The World en Peru

Empresarios por la Educación: (Enterprise for Education) is a Peruvian organization that veils to be the link between government, private sector and organizations working to improve the education conditions in the country.

If you are interested in becoming a project partner please email [email protected]

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