A little more about the installation of the project in Patahuasi...

After an arduous planning and design process, on October 4, 2022, the installation of the photovoltaic system was carried out in the Elementary school in the community of Patahuasi. According to the design of LUTW, it was determined to implement a photovoltaic system from 1600 Wp to 48V, with a lithium battery.  

The installation of this system was carried out with the presence of thirteen volunteers of Canadian and American origin. The process began with the shipment of inventory from the city of Lima to the province of Ayacucho. After six hours of travel from Ayacucho, the equipment was finally unloaded. After that, an introduction process was carried out to impart a work methodology to obtain greater efficiency when starting the installation. Then the team was divided into installation teams each having their own tasks. The groups were divided into three: Installation of solar modules and support structure; Installation of electrical box and battery, and installation of electrical wiring. 


The group called Solar module and support structure, set the support structure for the solar modules, grounding system, and respective connections.  These actions were carried out on the outside of the school, in an area constantly exposed to sunlight during the day. 


The Electrical Box and Battery Installation group carried out the assembly of the control box. Various components were inserted such as the charge controller, the inverter, Overcurrent protection devices and main cables. Also, the battery was installed and connected taking into account the previously prepared connection diagram. 


Finally, the group in charge of Installation of wiring for spotlights and outlets worked, following an existing wiring route in the infrastructure, as well as verifying the correct functioning of the electrical connections and breakers found. 

The solar system designed and installed, aims to energize various technological equipment and devices that the institution has. LUTW tries to combat the lack of electricity in the countries in which it operates.  The entire installation was carried out with great effort and precision to reduce the problem of lack of access to energy in the town of Santa Rosa de Patahuasi.