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Community Projects

Improving lives by powering Schools, Clinics and Community Buildings

Our community project pilar focuses on electrifying buildings used by the communities that remain off-grid. experienced technical team work in collaboration with local authorities to identify high impact buildings and complete assessments and design.

Since 1997, We collaborate with Foundations, Universities and Corporate partners to provide the funds and volunteers necessary to complete solar energy system projects in remote off-grid communities.

With our strong relationships with local partners and authorities we are focusing in completing projects in Peru and Guatemala.


Can operate after dark and complement the learning with music, tv, computers and projectors.

Heath Posts

Can serve the communities better with fridges, computers and medical instruments.

Town halls and Agriculture buildings

Powers tools and brings communities together for collaboration and celebration.

Our Impact in Numbers

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Impact in Stories

"I have been on three LUTW assignments to date; all were different, all were amazing in the impact and the positive results for all. I don’t think it is really possible to fully comprehend the emotional impact of this type of work until you have experienced it yourself.
    In Peru, people in the small villages lack so much that we all take for granted, but they still live happy good lives.  The work we do with LUTW will have continuous impact
The children in all three schools have a considerably stronger and healthier future with solar powered education."
Volunteer from Enbridge

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