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About Light Up The World

LUTW is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to the idea that access to energy changes lives. We work in remote off-grid communities that lack the basic technologies that many of us take for granted. By providing these communities with solar photovoltaic systems, We make a lifelong impact on our beneficiaries by helping them transition away from using polluting fuel-based lighting and costly single-use batteries and unlocking the opportunity to use technologies and tools to help them on their everyday life.

Energy = Education Health Development

With a focus on training local technicians and developing the capacity of local service providers, LUTW fosters long-term partnerships so that communities are empowered to move towards a more sustainable future.

We are based in Calgary, Canada and have field offices in Lima, Cusco, Andahuaylas and Huaraz, Perú.

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Our Team


Murray joined the LUTW team in March 2020 and has expanded the organizations mission.

He is a professional engineer and economist with over 40 years experience consulting around the world. On two occasions he built successful businesses in Peru and was, until recently, a permanent Member of the National Energy Board.

Stephany joined the team in 2018, and has held three different roles with Light Up The World. 

Stephany has a degree in International Development and 10 years of experience working and volunteering with small nonprofits and grassroots organizations. 

She has a certificate in Permaculture design and is passionate about everything to do with food security and our land systems.

Andres Clavier Joined Light Up The World in 2019 through the Global Affairs Canada International Youth Internship Program to support the establishment of the social enterprise in Peru.

Before LUTW, Andres worked in the development of environmental projects in Europe and Africa. He received the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship and the International Water Association Youth Award through his work in the research of technologies for solar water irrigation systems.

He is passionate about implementing technologies that leads to more sustainable communities and improve lives.

Greg Zatulovsky is Light Up the World's financial administratorGreg and the Purpose Forward team are thrilled to serve LUTW as the new financial experts beginning in 2021.

As a CPA with a decade of experience leading finance, technology, HR, and operations functions in the social purpose sector, Greg is thrilled to support the important work of LUTW. Early in 2021, Greg founded the non-profit Purpose Forward ( with a mission of driving operational excellence in the social purpose sector. He is also a Board Director at Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation and a Finance Committee Member at Amnesty International.


Milagros is an Agronomy Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Economics. She has skills in design, maintenance and development in renewable energies (SFV), development in rural project management, aptitude in managing inter-institutional and inter-community relations (knowledgeable about diversity of cultures, attitudes and basic needs) and is a skilled leader. Mily is characterized by her responsibility, companionship and teamwork to achieve results.

Mily has been working with LUTW since 2011, when she participated in the first community projects in Peru and has been at the forefront of the evolution of the Organization since, such as the emergence and empowerment of the Social Enterprise – to serve family homes without access to electrification. She was part of the first social development achievements of LUTW in Peru and contributed to the improvement of Andean villages. She shares challenges to improve the living conditions of those most in need through mutual collaboration.

Ruth is an Agro-industrial Engineer with advanced studies in Economics and Development. She joined LUTW in 2018 and has been instrumental in the development of the social enterprise throughout the Andes Mountains.

She is fluent in Quechua and Spanish and has experience in rural microfinance and scientific education. That makes her a very capable advocate for solar energy technologies for rural communities. Ruth is passionate about sustainable development in her regions of Apurimac and Ayacucho, where there are people living without reliable electricity mainly at their altitudinal and dispersed altitude levels.

Lila has a degree in Economics and has experience in microfinance, development, projects and rural sales. She has integration skills, enthusiasm and responsibility and is very communicative.

Lila joined Light Up the World in 2020, and despite all the limitations of the pandemic, she quickly impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit, charisma and her initiative towards contributing to the control and assistance of solar systems in rural villages, scattered within the region of Cusco. Lila has been training local agents to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energies in the region with energy needs. Her participation is active and collaborative with the LUTW Mission.

Rosmery joined LUTW in January 2020, and is in charge of the operations of the Huaraz and Huanuco office. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and has experience in marketing, sales and customer service. She is a charismatic person, who, as can be seen through her everyday performance, is committed to LUTW’s mission, which is to promote greater equality by bringing solar energy to families living in rural areas of Peru.

During her tenure, she has shown her leadership and ability to recruit local agents both in Ancash and Huanuco, so that we can continue to reach more families, implementing new strategies to solve the deficiencies found in the different communities.

Aaron Cohen is LUTW's project assistant manager, Aaron joined LUTW in 2018 after being inspired by the work that LUTW does on a student volunteer project in Guatemala. Aaron’s skills in system design and project management come from his 5 years of construction experience, his involvement with several solar organizations, and his energy science specialization. He is driven by the statement: “Everyone deserves to have access to a clean, accessible and affordable energy source”.

Clímaco is an Agricultural Technician and started working with LUTW in 2011, as a solar technician on different projects in the region of Huancavelica. He continues to work with LUTW, within the network of agents and with the distribution and installation of prepaid solar home systems for the social enterprise, showing efficiency and leadership in rural communities in his region, Huancavelica.

He currently offers solar energy services in Huancavelica, which he facilitates to continue as coordinator in the Huancavelica Office contributing to the rural needs with quality products. Clímaco is passionate about technologies and innovation after getting to know LUTW, being part of its solar technician training and finding his professional service. He hopes to be a leader in technologies that change the lives of his fellow Huancavelicans.

Ursula Garcia-Belaunde has been working in non-profit development organizations for the past sixteen years. 

She has a Master’s Degree in World Heritage and Development Projects and has completed a graduate degree in International Relations. She has experience in resource mobilization, grant management, inter-institutional relations and donor relations.

Diana is a social communicator and journalist by profession, with a master’s degree in Education. She is able to develop the organizational culture, maintaining integration and socialization through communication and leadership channels. She has extensive experience in coordinating internal/external communications for NGOs and managing social networks and websites.

She joined LUTW in 2017 and has been supporting the organization’s communications in Peru. Through experience she contributes to the dissemination of the “Social Enterprise” pillar, in order to establish a market with responsibility and quality offered by LUTW.

Flor has a degree in accounting, graduating from the UNMSM, with experience in treasury management, tax declaration, account analysis and formulation of financial statements.

She joined LUTW in 2016 and has been supporting the accounting of the organization in Peru; her work consists mainly of recording, analysis, and control of all the income and expenses of LUTW Peru. Through her experience, she has contributed to the improvement of the accounting structure and the optimization of LUTW’s operational areas in high Andean communities without access to electrification.

Luis is Light Up the World's solar energy project assistant manager in Peru.Luis has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University in Engineering and Technology (UTEC) with experience in automation, process control systems and electrical maintenance in the industrial sector. 
He has been working in LUTW since mid 2021, his work consists of support in design, development, and implementation of new solar projects.
He was part of the latest project in the Peruvian Amazon and hopes to continue electrifying rural communities.

Board of Directors

Bill enjoyed a career of over thirty years with Ontario Hydro, Ontario Hydro International and Hydro One Inc. His career focused on transaction development and implementation in the electric distribution and transmission businesses – both internationally and in Ontario. Bill ‘s work experience includes significant travel throughout Latin America. He is now a senior advisor with Morrison Park Advisors. 

Bill joined the Light Up The World Board in June 2019 and took on the Board Co-Chair role in December 2020. Bill is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people living in remote and underserved communities. He hopes that his work experience in the energy industry and Latin America, combined with his charitable work in Honduras, will help guide the organization to achieve its mission of ending energy poverty and powering opportunity. Bill also serves as a Board Member for El Hogar Projects (Canada). 

Patrick  has over 20 years of experience working for large corporations in the energy sector.  His experience spans roles in executive leadership, strategic planning, business development and financial modeling, primarily in the energy marketing, infrastructure development and renewables sectors. Patrick is the President at KAPA Emerging Solutions Inc.

Patrick joined Light Up The Worlds Board in 2018 and took on the Board Co-Chair role in 2020. As a member of the LUTW Board, Patrick brings his experience together with his passion for the environment and his desire to make a difference, by helping LUTW change lives in the developing world. 

Scott Fleming has nearly twenty years of progressive experience in the Canadian electricity sector, primarily in renewables and generation. He has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Calgary, holds a Professional Engineer designation and a Project Management Professional certification. Scott is currently Director, Wind and Solar with BBA Consulting.

Scott has volunteered with Light Up The World since 2016 and joined the Board of Directors in 2018, currently serving as Vice-Chair. He is passionate about renewable energy, sustainability, new technology and international development.

Scott lives in Calgary, Alberta and he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors in the Canadian Rockies and volunteering to help facilitate opportunity for those that do not have access to energy. Scott also enjoys travelling abroad and playing the drums. 

 Dr. Dave Irvine-Halliday is the founder of Light up The World. As a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary, he had the vision to use LED lighting to bring practical, economical, and environmentally safe lighting to the developing world. In the early years, Dave and his wife, Jenny, self-funded their Light Up The World (LUTW) family projects and built solar and LED systems.

Dave and his wife Jenny started a social enterprise in 2009 called Visionary Lighting and Energy India (VLE) designs

Lidia is the Managing Director at Clearpath management Inc., and has 30+ years of Industry experience in utilities and linear infrastructure construction throughout Alberta.  

Lidia joined LUTW in 2020 and with her governance and strategic planning experience she will bring great value as a member to our Governance Committee.

Michael is a semi-retired, global H.R. leader with experience in world class H.R. organizations.

He now operates as an
advisor and consultant to small to medium sized organizations, where human capital strategies are central to business performance and development.

Michael joined LUTW in 2020 and is Chair of our Governance Committee. He has a passion for the sustainability of our planet and organizations that work to provide solutions, like LUTW.

Cory is Vice President – Legal, Commercial & Community with Switch Power Corporations, an Alberta based Independent Power Producer, whose goal is to bring alternative and clean energy solutions, as well as expert energy consultation, to businesses and communities.

Cory joined LUTW in 2021 assisting our Social Enterprise & Development Committee. Cory loves the idea of bringing power to remote communities and the impact it has. His law, business development and strategy background will help LUTW take our social enterprise operations to the next level.

Sharleen is Vice President, Business Development for Hardline Engineering Ltd., an Alberta based engineering firm that provides engineering and project execution expertise for substation, transmission, distribution and renewable power projects throughout Western Canada.

Sharleen joined LUTW in 2019 and holds the position of Chair, Partnerships and Fundraising Committee. building on her experience serving on several boards throughout her career. In addition, Sharleen brings more than 25 years of expertise in the energy sector to LUTW.

Sharleen is also the proud founder and CEO of Women+Power, a not-for-profit organization that provides support to professional women in the power industry in Alberta, having grown membership to 350+ since 2019.

On addition to her involvement with LUTW, Sharleen currently serves as Governance Committee Chair on the board for Storybook Theatre, and Co-Lead, Circles on the board for Lean In Canada – Calgary Chapter.

David has over 7 years of finance & accounting experience and a passion for clean-tech, the commercialization of emerging technologies and building a circular economy. 

He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of British Columbia, a Master of Professional Accounting degree from the University of Saskatchewan and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. David is now the Manager of Corporate Development at Radicle, a Calgary based “climate-tech” business.

David joins the LUTW Board after having spent 4 years volunteering on the Finance & Audit Committee. He is looking forward to bringing his passion for LUTW to the Board level and helping the organization provide energy access to those in need.

Raymond has thirty-five years of experience in the power industry, including the operations and construction of thermal generation and the development of district energy, thermal, and renewable energy facilities.

Mr. McKay is the President and principal consultant for RVM Developers Inc., providing commercial, development and transactional services to the power sector. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Nova Scotia and an MBA from Queen’s University.

Raymond joined the LUTW Board of Directors in 2021. His commercial skills will help broaden LUTW’s impact in providing access to electricity to underserved countries.

Sarah joins us as our Volunteer Administrator, after first being introduced to Light Up The World seventeen years ago.
She is the Chief Executive Officer of Nano-Lit Technologies.