An innovative Flashlight, Lantern and Power bank charged by the Sun.

Buy a Helio and help a family gain access to Solar Energy

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Helio Light
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Power your adventure


Wireless and waste-free charging, anywhere you go.


3 brightness settings:
Light, Lantern or Infinity Red


5,200 mAh lithium battery to power your gadgets while adventuring.

Water resistant

Durable and ready to work under any condition.

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100% Solar, 100% Heart

HELIO is a solar-powered flashlight and lantern with 3 brightness settings.  At the lowest setting (INFINITE RED™), the HELIO needs only one hour of solar exposure per day in order to stay illuminated indefinitely.

HELIO is also a powerbank that can be used to charge your smartphone and other USB devices anywhere.

HELIO charges faster than most solar devices thanks to CHARGEBOOST™ power management technology.


Makers4Good and LUTW: Powering Opportunity.

Makers4Good.org connects engineers, product designers and makers to philanthropic projects and partnerships with nonprofit organizations.  As part of the HELIO project, the makers of the HELIO light (SparkFactor Design) has donated 100% of profits to LUTW. We are then able to use these funds to design a publicity and fundraising campaign to raise awareness for our work. Makers4Good acts as a catalyst for designers and manufacturers who want to give back but are unsure of the best way to do so.

Are you ready to Power Opportunity?

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