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LUTW HAS A NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY: Financial Administrator – LUTW

Please submit any questions and resume’s to [email protected] 

Apply by July 23rd, 2021. 

While all our international projects have been suspended there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with LUTW and have a meaningful experience that makes a difference.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Academic Research:
LUTW may offer local and field-based volunteer opportunities to qualified applicants. Knowing that volunteers and researchers have a vast and diverse set of skills to offer, LUTW aspires to best match talent with project needs. There is also the possibility of integrating volunteering with post-secondary degree requirements or as part of a research project.

  • Viability and impact of productive uses of Solar energy: Solar energy water pumps, Solar grain driers, electric fences, computers and internet access.
  • Impact of new access to electricity for families and communities.
  • Challenges and opportunities for rural women to obtain renewable energy.

Marketing and Communications:
We want to share our story and find more supporters in Canada, Peru and around the world.
We are also studying finding beneficiaries in Peru through digital marketing.
We would like support in:

  • – content writing and videography.
  • – Adwords and Youtube advertising management.
  • – Search Engine Optimization.
  • – Marketing research to target families needing solar energy in Peru.

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