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Training and Education

LUTW strives to serve as a knowledge hub related to battery-based solar PV systems, expanding the understanding of best practices to work with this technology in off-grid rural applications. The organization believes that this educative approach is the most effective way to create a sustainable, flourishing local solar market that can address global issues like energy poverty and climate change.

The organization also shares two decades of knowledge in the field through practical training programs for local technicians in communities where LUTW works with the aim of improving and growing the solar sector organically. LUTW facilitates courses ranging from a basic introductory Solar 101 seminar to a progression of technical workshops that empower students to design, install and troubleshoot battery-based PV systems.

LUTW also offers programs with academic institutions that enable students to receive classroom training and a hands-on practise before actually installing a PV system in an off-grid location in Peru and Guatemala. These customized field programs provide an incredible experience to learn about sustainable development and renewable energy, and the opportunity to leave behind a project in a school or medical clinic that has a direct and noticeable impact upon a community.