Towards a new development, implementing sustainable energy

Given the lack of light in the community of Pucaccasa and all its educational centers, previous evaluation of the needs, the installation of a system was planned and executed 2.22 kWp photovoltaic at 48v lithium battery, with enough capacity for the operation of electronic and technological equipment and other tools for educational, recreational, recreational and community purposes.


In this project, our allies were volunteers from the University of Calgary (U of C) – Canada, who showed great affection and interest in the children of the community, sharing pleasant moments with them during 7 days of coexistence in the same community. Thanks to this effort, it has been possible to meet the objective of bringing electricity to the educational institution located in the Pucaccasa community.

Although the needs that this community has are extensive, access to energy contributes greatly to progress toward development, especially for children in the community.

Given the achievement of the project, the volunteers indicate their expectations. Charles Ouano comments: “This was a big project with the installation of a solar system, there were different components that had to be addressed and the whole team was on the lookout so that everything goes well. In the end it was very gratifying to see the happiness of the residents at seeing that there was electricity in the school.”

We also have the testimony of Hamid Zareipour, who stated:

“The light will make a big difference for the community, teachers and students, because it will generate an improvement in the quality of education, comfort and greater innovation”.

“I have been impressed with the courage and resilience of the people of this community to overcome the difficulties they go through day after day.”