Sustaninable energy and brilliant futures for children in the community of Pucaccasa


Energy is an indispensable resource for the development of people in different aspects. But what happens when there is no benefit? Now, a little more about the challenges facing the community in Pucaccasa. 

In the last week of June, a group of allies between Light Up The World (LUTW) and the University of Calgary (U of C) carried out the installation of an electric power system in the primary school in the community of Pucaccasa, district of Paucara, department of Huancavelica. During the 10-day trip, we learned more details about the routine of the people there.

How is the life of children in Pucaccasa?

The daily routine of the people in this community has different challenges, talking about basic services, like access to water and electricity. This last limits the development of all communities, because it affects the education, quality of life, economy and other aspects. 

One of the most complicated aspects of Pucaccasa is education, which is why the students need to avoid different challenges in their learning process. In general, the houses are located at long distances from the school, and children have to take 30 or 40-minute walks to attend the school.

Before, the establishments where the classes took place did not have access to electricity. It’s the case of School N° 36181, which has 40 students. It complicates the teaching process for professors because resources are scarce and complications grow in the absence of light.

The teacher of this school, Jessica Quispe Cayetano told us more about the situation in Pucaccasa: “Unfortunately, here the deficiencies are abysmal compared to other institutions… The needs in this community are many, especially in education, it is very difficult for us to work with these deficiencies”.

At the same, another teacher, Fredy Jora Huamán indicates that for parents, it is complicated to support the process of education for their children. Their daily activities demand as much time as possible throughout the day, especially livestock farming and agriculture. This is one of the most common reasons why parents cannot support the learning process of their children, they prefer having support in the activities to carry out due to the lack of time they have in the day.

Light Up The World: Powering opportunity with solar energy in Huancavelica 



On June 30, Light Up the World and the University of Calgary celebrated the official inauguration of the solar system installed in the school of Pucaccasa. This had a rewarding response from the community, and they celebrated a moving ceremony, showing us their acknowledgements. It will change their lives for the better in the future.