LUTW works with rural indigenous Mayan communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Since 2006, solar home systems have become an alternative to burning kerosene in wick lamps and travelling long distances to charge cell phones. Project work has helped villagers become more self-sufficient and provided job opportunities for some in the community.


A pleased team of techs after an installation in Chenuwitz
Augustin Pablo Pablo's children
Rod explains the utility of the multimeter
Sonia shines some light to help Rod and Regino make the final connection
Plasido explains to project beneficiary Ramon how the take care of the solar system
The team moves out through the clouds after an installation in Chenijok
IMDI's Director, Natalio and Pedro put together the practice solar energy system.jpg
Macario, his wife Santo and three of his children stand outside their home.jpg
The centre of Todos Santos Cuchumatan at sunset.jpg


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