Helio - Rechargeable Light and Power Bank

For gifts, the outdoors, travel, office, car, work and emergencies.

HELIO is a solar-powered flashlight and lantern with 3 brightness settings. At the lowest setting (INFINITE RED™), the HELIO needs only one hour of solar exposure per day in order to stay illuminated indefinitely.

HELIO is also a powerbank that can be used to charge your smartphone and other USB devices anywhere. its 5,200 mAh can charge the average smartphone two times.

HELIO charges faster than most solar devices thanks to CHARGEBOOST™ power management technology.

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  • Battery:

    • Capacity / chemistry: 5200 mAh Li-ion

    • Charge cycles: 350

    • Life expectancy (assuming average usage): 3.5 – 5 years

  • Solar panel: 1 Watt

  • 2 USB Ports:

    • USB in: MicroUSB, up to 2A. Full charge in 6 hours.

    • USB out: USB-A, up to 2A. Charges typical smartphone in 1-2 hours.

  • Flashlight: 1 LED

  • Lantern (red): 26 red LEDs

  • Lantern (white): 28 white LEDs

  • Stand rotation: 270 Degrees

  • Lanyard bar: included

  • Size: 216mm X 61mm X 32mm

  • Weight: 370 grams

  • 2 Buttons for operation:

    • Button A: cycles flashlight through high, med, low, off

    • Button B: cycles Lantern (White) through high, med, low, off

    • Buttons A&B together: cycles lantern (red) through high, med, low, off

    • Hold Buttons A&B for more than 5 seconds: engages emergency flash mode

    • Any other button click pattern: switches off all lights