One of the ways Light Up The World provides access to lighting and electricity in some of the most remote regions of Peru is through our social enterprise. Over 800,000 households in Peru lack electricity. These families and communities live in off-grid areas, and are limited to low-quality, expensive and damaging forms of energy such as candles, disposable batteries and harmful fuels.

Light Up The World’s social enterprise works to offer these households high-quality, pay-as-you-go enabled solar energy technologies designed for off-grid homes, that provide lighting, device charging and entertainment. We also offer solar lanterns and larger, personalised systems, to ensure that we’re able to meet a wide range of needs.

Our products are distributed to our customers from our headquarters in Lima, through our two regional offices and a newly established network of local sales agents, who we train first-hand to ensure that our customers receive high-quality advice and long-lasting customer service.

We believe that our regional presence and local knowledge are vital to our social enterprise approach. Light Up the World has more than ten years’ experience in Peru, providing off-grid solar technology to rural communities and training solar technicians in the field. We’re using that experience in our social enterprise to build better supply chains and provide excellent customer service. Through these approaches we hope to influence sustainable growth in the sector.