How as an NGO, do we influence the professional development of local technicians?

Way back, to be specific,in February and March 2021, the LUTW team, carried out a selection process for volunteer technicians in the department of Amazonas, province of Condorcanqui, in various communities. Seven technicians were recruited, who after various trainings by the LUTW staff, were accredited, having successfully completed the theoretical and practical training module. To improve and increase the knowledge acquired, they were
invited to have their direct participation in various projects throughout said province. The results were gratifying, since all the technicians showed interest and willingness to continue working with LUTW. From the beginning to the present, eleven projects have been carried out in the communities of “Dos de Mayo”, “Soledad”, “Villa Gonzalo”, “San Antonio”, “Democracia” and “Cucuhuasa” 

One of them is Yusther Samarén, 23 years old, originally from the community of Chapiza. Systems engineer by profession and specialist in cabling and installation of solar panels. Yusther was present in all the projects in the Amazon of LUTW. Since I work full time, he works as logistic responsable at UGEL and is one of the main promoters of Light Up The World in the province of Condorcanqui. Samarén also mentions the impact that he witnessed in his community, after working with LUTW, because in one way or another, thanks to the support of this organization, the Ministry of Education of Peru, was able to deliver tablets to the mentioned community and guarantee that the students use these devices. Likewise, he highlights the importance of continuously participating in this type of project, since in each one of them, the installation is different, as well as knowledge is acquired in each one of them.

A similar case is that of Robert Hinojosa, 37 years old,originally from the community of Galilea. He is one of the most outstanding technicians, with the most experience throughout the arrival of LUTW in the Peruvian Amazon, a specialist in the installation of electrical boxes and the main brand promoter in the province of Condorcanqui. Hinojosa highlights the importance of preparation in every aspect to carry out installations. – “An installation cannot be carried out without taking into account what type of cable, what voltage, how many amps or what battery to use for various installations. This is very common in this part of the province, that’s why the panels don’t work ”-he states. Eventually, he is dedicated to the installation of small solar systems, being that in one way or another, an income for his home.

Finally, Fernán Petsain, 35 years old, from Boca Chinganaza, Condorcanqui province. She came to the organization, thanks to Robert Hinojosa, since it was he who told her about the training opportunity, some time ago. He is a specialist in installation of electrical boxes and wiring. He states that thanks to this training, he was able to apply what he had learned and, consequently, electrify his home through a photovoltaic solar system, which is active 24 hours a day, as well as guaranteeing improvement in the education of his minor children. Petsain states that he is proud to be part of LUTW, since he acquires new knowledge in each project, as well as being part of the change and contributing to meeting the needs of the most needy communities is extremely gratifying. Eventually, Fernán carries out work related tophotovoltaic solar systems and is also a promoter of LUTW in the province.