International Solar Volunteer Program

Off-grid (Battery-Based) Solar PV Training in Peru - 10 Day Program


Trip #1 TBD 2024

Trip #2 TBD 2024

Learn how to design and install solar PV systems and experience the impact of sustainable energy solutions and access to electricity for people living in rural Peru. Learn how to size, design and install battery-based solar PV systems in an off-grid setting while experiencing the impact of sustainable energy solutions and access to electricity for people living in rural Peru. The off-grid solar PV training program provides a unique opportunity to learn about solar PV through a mix of classroom, lab activities, and completing at least one complete battery-based solar PV installation from start to finish in a rural community building in the Peruvian Andes. The training program takes place in a region where LUTW has installed hundreds of systems. 
*No previous educational background or experience is required.*


  • Day 1: Introduction to LUTW, Explore Lima
  • Day 2: Travel to remote project hub: Briefing and acclimatization (This involves either an overnight bus or a domestic flight)
  • Day 3: Full-day of Solar Training Workshop
  • Day 4: Travel to remote community (via trucks), Installation preparation Day
  • Day 5: Solar Installation Day #1
  • Day 6: Solar Installation Day #2
  • Day 7: Solar Installation Day #3
  • Day 8: Solar Installation Day #4
  • Day 9: Clean up and community celebration. Start the return back to project hub 
  • Day 10: Return to Lima, Peru. End of Program
As we move to bring light to the last-mile communities in Peru we are often in very small communities with no accommodations in the vicinity. For the 4 days of installation we will camp on the project site, in the community! This provides an amazing experience to get to know the community. We provide all materials needed for this. 

Please fill out the below registration waiver and send to Nicole at

We will accept 12 participants for each trip. Please make sure to pick Trip#1 or Trip#2. If you are available for both please put both options! We do need a minimum participant number for each project to run.

Registration Fee 2024: TBD CAD [included in fee: all domestic travel costs including domestic flight and transportation, food and snacks, accommodations and materials for camping, the material and equipment costs of the solar PV system, training workshop and training manual]. Costs not included: International flight to Peru, travel insurance and any extra purchases during the trip (souvenirs, alcohol, extended travel time).

Andrew Langille
Andrew Langille
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"Some of my favourite moments: quite early mornings watching our "camp" wake up. The children and our team as a collective working toward a worthy goal to help others" - General Volunteer 2022
Anne Michaud
Anne Michaud
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"I could talk about so many very precious moments in this great adventure, I don't know where to begin. I can sincerely say that I feel very fortunate to have been part of this amazing group of people with huge hearts and I look forward to doing it again. It was a privilege to meet and spend time with everyone" - General Volunteer 2022