LUTW offers companies an opportunity to engage employees and participate in a renewable energy project. Employees learn about community development and participate in project implementation. LUTW provides the logistical support and program structure to ensure that both beneficiaries and volunteers mutually benefit from the initiative.

Since 2009, LUTW has partnered with Enbridge and the Energy4Everyone (e4e) Foundation in implementing community development projects in Costa Rica and Peru. This partnership has enabled LUTW to bring renewable energy systems to more families living in off-grid communities and involve Enbridge and the e4e Foundation staff in the project process.


Employee engagement is an integral part of Enbridge’s Corporate Culture, and is further demonstrated through the strong partnership between its e4e Foundation and LUTW. e4e has supported and worked with LUTW on projects in Latin America, which seek to create prosperous futures for those living in communities in need by providing access to clean, affordable and renewable lighting and power. Enbridge employees feel a tremendous sense of pride working for an organization that recognizes the value of working beyond its traditional CSR commitments, focusing on programs that look to develop communities on a global scale. “

Joanne Gardner, Co-Leader – e4e Foundation