Pitumarca our biggest project… Yet! by Alex Jahp

Working together to make sure humanity has a better future

We just finished our last project of 2019 with one of our main corporate partners, Wooree, at a junior high school in Hanchipacha, Pitumarca (Cusco). This past year in this region of Ausangate Valley we have completed eight projects on all eight buildings that the team in Peru had identified as high priority: five schools, two community buildings and one medical clinic. These projects will change the lives of hundreds of community members and will have a lasting impact on these communities for the next generations to come.

This final project of 2019 is an example of how much we are progressing as an organization and how much of an impact we are having in the communities where we work. The system that we installed on this school is the largest that we have built during my time with LUTW at 1100W of PV, 960Ah of batteries and a 1200W inverter! Dozens of students from all of the surrounding communities attend the school and would otherwise have to travel 20-30km to Pitumarca to receive education at this level.

A school like this requires electricity to be able to teach the students with the tools that are considered necessary in the 21st century. The system will provide students and teachers with sufficient capacity to run a computer lab, printers, projectors, sound equipment, a blender and dozens of lights.

The community inaugurated the system with fried trout, toasts and dancing. One of our local technicians – Juan – broke into tears as he spoke about how the community had suffered until now from a lack of basic services like electricity. He also expressed how beautiful it is to him that Peruvians, Canadians, Americans and Koreans were all working together – as brothers and sisters– to make sure that all of humanity has a better future.

Alex Jahp, LUTW Technical Project Manager